Basil Hayden's + Max!

our friend Max Wastler has landed the most amazing gig ever. as the face, the man, the cultural hound of all things cool for the whiskey Basil Hayden. 
Max is a friend of camp Wandawega - from the Dose market collaboration. to the Buckshot Sonny's & Good Beer Hunting camp weekend). we are quite proud to call him a friend and BH could not have found a better dude to represent them.

As the new face of Basil Hayden on their brand blog, they describe him as their 'cultural bloodhound'. they have tapped into him for his resourcefulness, great taste and knack for finding the coolest of - well-- everything.

part of his job (the best job in the universe, we might add) is to travel around and find the places the rest of us should go visit- like Fountain Prairie Farms & Inn  and Please & Thank you 

a great recent post from the blog sporting 101 features a must-read interview.

My favorite drink and who makes it best: Fire on the Lake. Created by Blake Royer of the Overserved Society. Blake’s one of my closest friends. This cocktail, invented over the course of a very fun weekend at Wandawega, a friend’s camp in Wisconsin, is comprised of many parts, but it’s main ingredient is love.

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