We highlighted Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting yesterday on the blog. It was timely because two weekends ago he teamed up with Max Wastler of Buckshot Sonny's to throw an all-guys, manly-man weekend at Camp Wandawega
Here are some quick highlights but you should really check out the full story of beer, booze, debauchery and style over at Good Beer Hunting. There are many beautiful photos of what seems to have been a legendary weekend.

Max of Buckshot Sonny's Goods mans the grill (check out the hog head behind him).

No guys weekend would be complete without a bonfire (or flaming nunchucks)...

...OR good whiskey.

Blake Royer on the ever-popular rope swing.

Smokin' chips.

There was no shortage of beer (including perennial Wisconsin favorite, New Glarus).

On the Menu: Quail and apple, pork cheek, beef short ribs, green beans, horseradish potatoes, campfire beans, cornbread and chocolate pecan pie--all from Dry Hop Brewers in Chicago.

Solemn Oath Brewery and Brewery Vivant both brought beer. Ooh, and check out the custom glasses!

Darts, pool, canoeing, archery, hiking--it was a full-on, testosterone-fueled weekend.

Max Wastler checking in guests.

All-in-all, it looked like a great weekend. I'm sad to have missed it (I'm working in Prague at the moment), but David was able to attend and said it was one of his favorite ever events at Wanda.

Again, check out the whole post over on Good Beer Hunting for more glamour shots of beer and campiness.

Cheers, guys!

[images courtesy of Good Beer Hunting]

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