40 years later these girls recreated their teenage road trip...

As I we were pulling into camp last weekend, we caught them packing up their cars, their stay with us had come to a close. I could see from across the parking lot that they had a big stack of vintage magazines- (always intrigued by anyone who brings vintage magazines to stay a stay with us, i had to get nosy and see what these ladies were all about:)

so glad I probed.. because they shared with me a pretty amazing story of their journey.

They meticulously chronicled every detail of their adventure in a log book.

On the cover it reads:
"Nothing should be valued more highly than the value of each day"- Goethe

The girls on the first leg of their journey which they called 'rocky mountain high'. (Notice their hand made sign on their car's camper top).  

The same girls, some 4 decades later, coming together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that trip and birthday of their friend Kay. 

This is the newspaper clipping that was tucked in the back of the book (the inspiration an catalyst for it all)

They logged the entire experience in an old photo album.
Every dollar spent, campsite made and boy they met.

...Mapping their route along the way...

The first page of their journey started like this:

The western adventure began at 4:15 when we arose & started our journey. Mario called for Judy, and heard 'Rocky Mountain High" one last time at 4:45...."

Their book was packed with amazing, blurry- candid polaroids. In airports. Parking lots.
Campgrounds. Gas stations. With boys. On the road. At monuments. 

I especially loved that they kept a tally  - down to the dollar- of each of their contributions to the 'kitty'.  They said it was mainly gas, living out of their trunk and living life.

Another page featured their lingo from the trip. Each entry more cryptic than the one before... it was the language of their sisterhood.

They sat in our camp kitchen- reliving their trip through their journals.

When they were packed up and started back to their cars to head their separate directions home.... they ran back to give me a stack of magazines they brought with. (amazing 'seventeen' magazines, circa 1969-1970).

They said that they want to come back to Camp Wandawega next year to make it an annual get together.

Part of me hopes that they don't come back (next year) --- but maybe in 2016 instead.

I'd much rather know that they hit the road to recreate their original adventure next year. Retracing their steps of their teenage years.  (and then bring their new album to camp to share & compare)!

Ladies, it was lovely to meet you. I am so greatful for the time you spent sharing your memories.
Ya'll are a true inspiration- I hope that someday I'll be hitting the road with my friends to relive the younger days. and I hope that you guys are doing this well into your 80's... looking back at your photo album from this year - also your younger day.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome story, and eeven more awesome is the friendship they have maintained over all those years. It has to be very rewarding for all of them. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing this uplifting story.

Zero said...

Did they mention what happened to the 4th member of the group? Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome!! I was 10 in 1973 and always thought people like this were sooooo cool!! Just curious, there's only 3 in the current picture???
Thanks for sharing,

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