it just hit the stands :)
charlie as a brownie breaks my heart.
i mean, who knew they made baby moccasins that were this adorable??

thanks to everybody who helped !!

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Meghan said...

oh my gracious, it's beautiful. well done. (and the three of you could not look more adorable)

careyhernandez said...

I loved this article! You guys are living my dream! Ever since one of my childhood camps closed when I was in 6th grade I've had this dream of owning a summer camp. I have notebooks and notebooks of plans and sketches of my dream camp. I am still writing and creating books about it for "someday". I'm happy to see someone living this out! We might just have to come out to Wisconsin to stay with our kids and see it in person. The treehouse... how great! I want to swing out over the lake!

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