Tomboy Style

In the past few years, I've started dressing way more tomboyish. Skinny jeans and plaid button-downs with hunter boots or moccasins...I dress like a retired painter living in the woods of Michigan, at least that's how I'd characterize it.

In addition to my expensive love of J.Crew, my style is heavily influenced by blogs and bloggers. Tomboy Style is one of my favorites. A style blog written by Lizzie Garrett (who is on hiatus from her other great blog Design Watcher), it features interviews with current hip women and profiles of famous tomboys, along with media and gear for a rustic kind of lifestyle.

Check out the blog, along with Lizzie's new book: Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion.

Image credits: composite from Tomboy Style; Zinzi Edmundson in her home by Michael Flores via Refinery 29; Woman taking notes in her kayak in view of Muir Glacier at Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park by Tom Bean, 1983; Kelsey Sheofsky by Mel Barlow; Mariel Hemingway by Stan Shaffer scanned from You Should Have Been With Me: A Photographic Scrapbook by Stan Shaffer; Bekah Stewart by Emily Sill; Princess Caroline of Monaco by Richard Melloul, 1982.

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