Are Those Cabins? Olson Kundig Architects

Stumbled on these this morning.  These cabins are insane!   They're industrial and woodsy and thoughtful and everything you want from a modern cabin.  Check out the firm's culture and philosophy.  I love everything about them!

Delta Shelter


The idea for the cabin is that of a lakeside shelter in the woods—a little box with a big window that opens to the surrounding landscape. The cabin’s big window-wall (30 feet by 20 feet) opens the entire living space to the forest and lake. Materials are low maintenance—concrete block, steel, concrete floors and plywood—in keeping with the notion of a cabin, and left unfinished to naturally age and acquire a patina that fits in with the natural setting. The cabin sleeps ten.

"Honey can you open the window...I mean WALL?"
Killer fireplace.


Responding to the owner’s need for space to house visiting friends and family, the Rolling Huts are several steps above camping, while remaining low-tech and low-impact in their design. The huts sit lightly on the site, a flood plain meadow in an alpine river valley. The owner purchased the site, formerly a RV campground, with the aim of allowing the landscape return to its natural state. The wheels lift the structures above the meadow, providing an unobstructed view into nature and the prospect of the surrounding mountains
The huts are grouped as a herd: while each is sited towards a view of the mountains (and away from the other structures), their proximity unites them. They evoke Thoreau’s simple cabin in the woods; the structures take second place to nature. Rental information for the Huts is available at www.rollinghuts.com


Designed to be in harmony with nature, the Olson Cabin began its existence as a 14’ x 14’ bunk house built in 1959. A series of renovations since then (1981, 1997 and 2003) has seen the expansion and addition of several interconnected rooms all true to a simple design aesthetic. The cabin is intentionally subdued in color and texture, allowing the lush natural surroundings to take precedence. The living room’s large window not only frames the view of the waterfront and Mt. Rainier beyond, but also visually blends the indoors and outdoors.Seeing as how you're already makin' cabins, it only makes sense to throw one together for yourself, eh Olson?
Olson at night

Olson Porch.  Just lovely.


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