motorcycles. mancaves. cant wait to check it out...

Chicago Home & Garden did a great story on a new shop that im obsessed with....
 "With the current butch buzz of mancaves and bromances (No one really makes a fuss of metrosexuals anymore, do they? Those poor, well-manicured and well-mannered gentlemen must be so . . . relieved.), it’s only to be expected that masculine multipurpose haberdasheries have been sprouting up like so many five-o’clock shadows after a long holiday weekend. The latest, and pretty great-ish, venture, Isle of Man roared into Chicago’s North Center neighborhood late last month with a soft opening at 3856 N. Lincoln Avenue; is currently up and running; and will be throwing a grand-opening celebration on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 11–5 p.m, complete with burlesque dancers, hot-shave demos at an antique barber station, and wild meats to nosh. Owners Brice Cooper, a stylist and former host of HGTV’s Design on a Dime, and Arthur Holstein, a hotelier and man-about-town, became buddies through a mutual passion for motorcycle racing and a general gusto-grabbing approach to life. They’ve stocked the warm, modest 1,200-square-foot establishment with mantiques such as vintage trunks, luggage, and trophies, antique and repro signage, moto- and boat-gear and actual motorcycles and boat models, barware, and custom-made lines of clothing, fragrances, and candles, all for “men of character,” as their mission statement states. It’s full of the sort of things George Clooney and Steve McQueen would pick up on their way to an all-nighter at Ralph Lauren’s place, and I like it. I like it a lot."
(thanks, chicago home and garden!- nobody could say it better)
i cant wait to go!!!

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