a good cause. a great time.

'reggie' the gun dog demonstrating a proper point to the pheasant chair.

some inspiration i gathered around camp wandawega.

the old brass upholstery tacks pulled from the chair- and reused.

behind the scenes at covers unlimited.

..and more!

CHECK OUT MY BOTTOMSIDE. (These antique tags were saved from
a set of diningroom chairs that were bound for the dumpster.)

some vintage inspiration.

bob coscarelli- shooting at 7 am on the dock at wanda-- (behind the scenes by samer)

an assortment of props for the chair shoot.

thanks to kyle and reggie (who brought the dog, some pheasants, a gorgeous 120 year old double barrell shotgun and a lot of patience!)


the cover of the book that accompanied the chair.

sketching and more sketching...

more vintage inspiration.

(the upholsery of the chair and the back cover of the book)

GUNN TARTAN- A STORY IN THE PATTERN ~ The fabric used to upholster the bottom
of the seat cushion was chosen for its unique history. (not just for it’s huntingappropriate
name) Tartan is one of the most important symbols of Scottish
Heritage and Clan Identificaion. Some background on this particular pattern:
Clan Gunn is a Scottish clan associated with northeastern Scotland, including
Caithness and Sutherland as well as the Orkney Islands.

(a shot from camp wandawega back in the 20's-- notice the pheasants on the mantel!)

Bob Coscarelli for the outdoor chair shots + bio pic coscarelli.com
David Robert Elliot for shooting the studio chair shots.
All the nameless pheasants who laid down their lives for this chair.
Al Benson (hunt guide) - Reggie (the dog) - Kyle (reggie’s owner)
Chicago Home & Garden team (for the invitation to participate)
SAMER for the great panoramic shot
Textile Outlet & Soutache for the feathers.
Crown & Colony for bringing this chair from Europe.
Fischman’s Fabrics for the tartan fabric (under carriage)
Janina Bikulcs for the collection of antique chair tags (beneath)
Covers Unlimited amazing Kevin Shapin (upholstery)

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