complete strangers built this structure for us in the woods

it was a complete surprise.
one day, david said he had something to show me up in the woods.

so we're walking down the hiking trail, 
and about a half a mile in, past the teepee and boyscout tents...
we round' the bed and come across- 
a 15+ foot tall 'nest' built entirely of materials provided by the forest.
a teepee of sorts, that presents itself like a massive conk shell.

(you enter thru a triangular door opening, and it winds itself around in a little circle to an
opening 'room' on the inside.)

the floor is laid with fragmetns of bark in a herringbone-esque pattern.
the entryway is draped in vines that you push thru to (that remind me of 70's beaded curtains)
the 'room' inside has stumps for chairs.
a group of 6 very talented artist / designers / landscape architects / architects spent a weekend at wandawega camping out in the boyscout tents - & decided to build it.

inspired by the trees, the woods & the notion of building from found materials.
stay tuned for more detailed pictures and info on all the builders.

(thanks, guys!)

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