be still my heart.
a new store that i literally want to move into.

not only are these guys (noel & jef) insanely talented curators, stylists, and visionaries...
they are also just a couple of nice folks :)

check this out, ya'll:  yearbookstudios
"The unique combination of academic, industrial and primitive pieces is Yearbook's signature style. A balance of raw and refined vintage elements produce the Yearbook look. Blending these pieces was an intriguing challenge for Yearbook's founders Jef Anderson and Noel Eberline, who have spent years developing a cohesive way of blending diverse styles to create warm, comfortable and stylish environments. Jef and Noel have spent five years in their Oak Park home experimenting with a range of pieces and exploring how human emotion can be evoked through the nuanced assemblage of objects and furnishings. The goal of Yearbook is to capture the comfort and familiarity of the past and infuse it with the fresh, vital energy of today."


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Great store! I saw a few other bloggers post about it too. It looks like your favourite flea market only better. I'm with you - I want to move in!

Kalecia Childs said...

Thank you for posting, LOVE this store too. Really great original pieces for your home or anywhere else you want to make a decorative statement!

Greta said...

I feel like they just went inside my head and made a store out of all my favorite stuff.
Love it.
And love your blog.
Just discovered it and now I will be up for hours.
Love from,

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