a poem by jeffrey greenberger (copyright)

we made a new friend.
he  came to visit Wandawega and left us with this lovely poem.
here is his note to us about his inspiration to write it:

Tereasa and David,

I was so glad that you liked the poem. 
Yes, you may certainly use it in your 
Your photo is lovely and does justice 
to "my" ghost boat.  The poem was inspired 
at night as I looked down on the boat from 
outside of the cabin in which we 

Can't wait to see you and Wanda next summer.

Best regards,

Ghost boat lapping at the
muted waters
barking groans to the
Night sky that gives up its
quiet dark
secrets absently
She's not going anywhere
tethered now
in Luna's still world
What secrets does she hold?
who traversed
the docile lake
crouching down on her strong
sturdy seats
seeking her refuge?
Rum-runners running
to escape
the un-bought lawmen,
four ladies of the night
rowing for
rest on the Lord's Day,
or the Fifties father
fleeing the

inflicted on his weak
parent's heart
frightened by his urge

to drop deep in the lake
to drown his
brood's neediness?

But the sun also rises
and the boat
that looked heavenly

in the romantic night
waits now like
an expectant dog

to carry our silly
tame daydreams
on the blue water

(all mystery lurking
just below
the calming surface).

But this old ghost boat knows
what we can't
about the dear dance

between heaven and earth
lake and sky
that makes mockery

of our crimes and passions
plans and dreams
all so idly made.

So she knows but can't care
when she passes
over a dad's remains.

Julie said...

Wow. What a poem. I love it.

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