the weekend before last, we hosted our 3rd annual ART CAMP, and were floored by the 
talent that joined us. So starts that 'art camp series'... for the next few weeks, you'll find individual posts featuring some of the work they created for us. the first post is PAUL-
(thanks for coming to share the weekend and such a beautiful portfolio of shots!)

check his work out here: paulstrabbing.com

William (Chicago) said...

Awesome shots!

Pinecone Camp said...

Beautiful images! Talented man. Will check out his site for sure. Love that yo have Password kicking around. ;)

Midwest business said...

Tereasa, love your design and creative; do you do all your own art/design these days - blog, logos, etc.. ?

Tereasa Surratt said...

yes- im at art director by day :)

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