to those who MAKE and INSPIRE

sometimes you meet folks who are so gifted and productive in life that they make you feel like you are standing still. (how do they manage have families, a social life, and open up businesses before even hitting 30?)

shops like fleur. buckshot sonny's. the indo projects. stone blitzer. sparrow. threefold. goodbeerhunting. the green bean. post27. the post family. winter session.  bladon conner. suitorlife. land and sea dept.
(far too many to continue listing, so i'll have to do another series of posts on inspirational folks that we love)

it blows my mind.
and motivates the hell out of me to get off the couch.

we've been blessed with a slew of crazy talented folks visit us at camp in the past few years...
including some amazing photographers.

to that end, we assembled 'the photographer's collective'.
a place to gather and share some fun shots that have been taken while roasting smores.

three new shooters have been added

paul octavious
garrett cornelison
ryan plett

check out their work here

thanks paul, garrett and ryan for the shots!

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