the "After" 3 weeks and $2500 later....

so we finally finished the new pantry!

...and learned in the process that sometimes it pays to hoard.

David pulled out of a secret stash that he's had tucked away somewhere -

bin a piled high with vintage hardware:
vintage towel bar,
ancient meat grinder,
iron wall hooks,
commercial utensil racks,
and a fabulous random decorative iron wall mount broom organizer.

and I pulled out of the nether regions of the basement:
every possible commercial kitchen appliance imaginable.
(i had no idea where we got a milk pasturizer, or a commercial deli slicer, but now it takes pride of place in the pantry.
where i might use it just once for the hell of it.

propping aside, the rest of the pantry came together as planned (for the most part).
the befores where pretty scary, so given the minimal investment, we're happy with the afters.

so- i you decide to convert a hoarders corner of your own, here's the nitty-gritty:


ikea wine racks: $80 a pc
craigs list fridge: $200
chair - salvation army (grand ave) 4 for $100
ikea magnetic knife rack: $5 x 2
ikea butcher blockss: $9 x 2
ikea shelf brackets $4 each x 8
sink: neighbor's dumpster
porcelin light fixtures: home depot $2 each.
rug: outdoor early american woven (custom color palette made to order)
subway tiles with charcoal grout: home depot $50 for the wall
faucet: ikea $45
sink skirt: 3 kitchen towels @ $5 each - sewn with pockets 

...and the rest of the stuff we already had laying around,
the stainless steel restaurant tables were recycled from old desks from a former office space.
the apple crates, dishes, pots, etc. we had laying around. we even have a place for the microwave and wine cooler. yay!

picked up some new (vintage) knives and cast iron skillets on ebay.
put up a couple drywall walls, painted the concrete floor slate gray and ceiling white....
and now when folks come over they can finally spread out a bit when making dinner.

thanks to all who helped:



(NEXT UP: the manly-man woodshop.)

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