INTRODUCING THE LAUNCH of WandawegaProvisions.com (for real this time)


After nearly a year of researching, planning and building- 

THE WANDAWEGA PROVISIONS STORE is officially open for business.

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Sometimes Simple is Best:
The Camp Wandawega Provisions Store
For close to 90 years, the folks who ran the kitchen at Wandawega lake resort relied on the local farmers, markets, growers and butchers to keep the restaurant pantry stocked.
Many of them family-owned businesses, run by first-generation German, Swiss, Austrian, Italian immigrants bringing their craft with them from their homeland. Generations of the same families passing down their recipes and skills to their children. Artisinal producers, passionate about their craft, focusing on making the best possible product. This limited edition “Best of Wisconsin” provisions collection celebrates the proud tradition of these craftsman and their rich, generations-deep history. We’ve partnered with eight local producers  that are Wisconsin institutions of craft. Our goal is to reconnect folks to the simple pleasures of a simpler time. At Wandawega, we like to say 'we are not new, and we are not improved'. 

Our goal is to reconnect folks ot the simple pleasures of a simpler time. Hats off to our talented neighbors who made these products for us. 

In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out posts telling the brand history of each of our collaborators for the products,


Dried Door Co. Cherries

Apple Butter
Maple Syrup
Maple Sugar
Fair trade Coffee  
Clover Honey
Bourbon-roasted pecans

We look forward to taking you through a bit of their lineage, how they make their product, and why we chose them to private label for us. Stay tuned for more!

thanks to: SETH HOEKSTRA for the beautiful newspaper
GARRETT CORNEILSON, NATHAN MICHAELS & DUNCAN WOLFE for the lovely product images. GRACE for modeling.

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