... To announce the launch of their new Fall line.

Holy *($#%!... do we love this.

Somehow, when talented designers, filmmakers, photographers like these folks- 
come to visit, they see this place through an entirely new lens.

David & I (as the default caregivers of this communal space we call home) 
sometimes fall victim to focusing on our reality of just keeping the roof up.

Days and evening spent trenching out broken water pipes,
swapping out rotting landscaping timbers, repairing ripped screens, 
fixing geriatric bed frames with duct tape and prayer..... it's akin to painting the golden gate bridge.
We simply will never be able to stay on top of it.
And because of that,
we forget to embrace the beauty of why folks come here to begin with.
It's not about the run down buildings- its about sucking up as much sunshine as you can in this short life and spending time together.
So, thanks guys for reminding us of that.

We far prefer to embrace your perspective of optimism & leisure time- 
the best possible lens to see this place through.

Crista said...

GORGEOUS photos!!

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