We made a huge mess. For a huge cause.

Some days (at the dayjob) we get projects designed to bring awareness instead of sell product.

Recently I had a good day at work- we were given the opportunity by one of our clients to
create an act to bring awareness of the plight of the dying corral reefs...

To do this,
we got up at 3 am (bless you-Mattie) and dumped 7000 pounds of abandoned fishing nets on oak street beach.
Then filmed the reactions.
To tell this story.

You know those square carpet tiles that FLOR makes? Interface is their parent company- they created  'Mission Zero'- a promise to eliminate any negative impact it has on the environment by 2020. Their new tile line "Net Effect"  contains 81% recycled content & 100% recycled content yarn, made partially from abandoned commercial fishing nets from the Philippine's reefs. Since 1995 they've processed more than 268 million pounds of used carpet tile globally.

In my mind, they are sort of the Hero that you've never heard of.


Here's the whole story about the Interface cause in the WALL STREET JOURNAL

Stay tuned for the B-cut with outtakes of Charlie girl *crying* because her doll was trapped in the net...
(We didn't net her like a Tuna, but we did bury her pet stuffed rat in the net to get a real reaction...)

Paul Octavious got up at the crack with us and shot this amazing photo:

We had a great time putting this together- thanks to the whole team : Tater, Donna, Matt, Bianca, Kate, Kristen.
Debbie Z T said...

Tereasa, this makes a statement and should make everyone think about what we do to our environment. You have always been so creative. What a great job.

Matt G said...

Don't forget how freaking beautiful the print work is! ;)

Tereasa Surratt said...

agree! a follow up post is on the way with the entire case study film. bringing the print, digital, emmersive experience showroom, magazine, etc... to the masses - to bring more awareness to a worth cause

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