the lakehouse: WE GOT INSIDE. I am blown away. ITS A TIME CAPSULE.

I didn't know if we had just walking into the Moonrise Kingdom house or onto the set of the Notebook... but we've been utterly seduced.

Typically, lakehouses are stripped of their character by layers of bad 80s wallpaper and new formica countertops. This one shows very clear evidence of nearly a century of a family of lake lovers.  (Thank god) 

(I'm not gonna lie, it made me really sad to see so many generations of summers and family memories - all coming to an end with the sale of this house.... I met Mrs Hann last summer and she is as charming and lovely as you can imagine)

So with a tinge of guilt ....
I hope this post helps this little piece of history find its way to new owners who will love every detail as much as we do.

Oak beamed ceilings. (With forged nail detailing)
Cedar shake walls and a beamed exposed ceiling in the old store.
Original wrought iron light fixtures and brass ones too.
Oars and 1940's transistor radios and beach furniture dating back to the 50's.
Original farm kitchen cabinets with a gazillion coats of paint.
a big fat white cast iron farm sink (sigh).

Here are some quick shots I just took with my phone-
more details below no what's what.

one of the original signs hanging above the garage entrance & an antique beer advertising thermometer from the days of when it was a lakefront store.

the interior of the old lake store features a concrete floor and vaulted oak exposed beam ceiling a cedar shake wall tell us that the front portion was once screened in.. the back room was used for store storage. (the front room is surrounded with windows, the backroom has none- probably for security purposes). the place is still full of Hann family heirlooms. 

this photo was taken in 1936 and shows the position of the Hann property as it relates to the beach and boat dock (still intact). notice the retaining wall (it needs to be restored).  

more details from the interior of the former store / guest house. the wood, trim, shingles, everything has been kept in such fab condition. all you would need to do is paint the floor, furnish and kick back.

two of the bedrooms in the main house. (the upstairs features 2 bedrooms and an open living area space. the bottom has the masterbroom.)

there is currently only one bathroom in the house (in the center, no windows).
the kitchen is perfectly farm rustic. i love the old cabinetry, and the huge white porcelin farm sink. the window looks out over the (huge) yard.

 Beamed ceilings (detail of the finish and nails. perfect.)

Views all around.

the house is full of textiles dating back to 40's through the late 60's.
underneath the shag & linoleum are pine floors (so we're told). the room shown here on the right is currently called the 'laundry room' but it looks like it was once also a bar, craft room and sewing room. its HUGE and has tons of storage, built-ins, and super tall ceilings.

shown above left: one of the upstairs bedrooms (there are 2 up there)
and david showing the access to the attic (which is currently completely insulated)

The basement has been completely rebuilt, new concrete pour, 
all electrical box, water heater, furnace and mechanics are fresh + new.
(see pics)

We just left  the house an hour ago
and as we were walking to the car,
the realtor's ('Connie') cell rang for an inquiry
and a car pulled up for a tour. 

If you want it, there is still time.
Connie (the realtor) said that she would start taking offers- the listing is so new (days old) she doesn't have one on paper yet. - it typically takes a few daysfor the owners to accept an offer once its made. (To leave room for others who may be also interested, to also make an offer)..

For ease of getting a loan, all the local comps were pulled and It appraised at $210k. But the owners want a quick sale, so they dropped it to $180k.

Whoever lands this house will have the feeling that  they've won the lottery
and I think karma is gonna kick in on this one... 
It will go to the folks who were meant to have it, love it and do right by the Hann family and the amazing community history it has here on this little lake.

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