more on the steal of the century- the lake house compound:

We've never done this before on this blog, but this little slice of heaven hasn't been on the market for EVER- and we will not be pushing real estate on here in the future. Promise.

But- Because of all the inquiries the last post got, here is some more information: (video tour, photos, etc) The last house that was up for sale a few doors down sold in 10 days, so if you are even remotely interested, call the realtor, like yesterday. All I can say is that when David and I walked through it, it made our heart hurt we love it so much. We didn't think that it would ever come up for sale, and now that it has, after all these years, we want to share it with our Camp W friends - in hopes to share the love that we know as this lovely, private lake. Enjoy & good luck!

DISTANCE: @90 miles from Chicago. (see map below) This house sits on the east end of the lake, a few hundred feet from us at camp wandawega. We are a short canoe ride door to door. (Less than a half mile)
CONDITION: This family took impeccable care of the home, the grounds, the cottages. All it needs is an interior decorator. We've been told that underneath the carpet is the original wood, and that it has a basement. It features mature landscaping, shrubs, trees, hostas, and a large concrete patio between the cottage and the house.
NEIGHBORS: Thre's a neighbor on one side, a very well kept home. There is no neighbor to the west (it faces the lake) there is no neighbor to the north - it is the Wandawega private home owners association beach & boat launch. No neighbor to the east (street side). 
PRICE: There is no other lake in the area where you will you find this much house for this low a price. On the water. On this much land. With multiple buildings. my headmath says they might take $150. put 10% down, you could be paying $1200 a mo. to own this place. rent that guest house in the back as a little vaca B&B for a week at a time and pay your mortgage. go in with a friend & you each pay $600/mo. ($150 a week!) i cant really add, but i think this is the neighborhood;)
POTENTIAL: everything is neat + clean + ready to move in.

Keep in mind, the vast majority of Lake Wandawega was developed with the lakefront as communal park lands, so there are VERY few homes that are truly waterfront, like this one. Literally walk out your back door, across your yard, and into your boat.

(In our fantasy life- if this retreat were connected to camp on either side of us, we would have closed on it by now)

This clip starts at the back of the house, scans across the guesthouse, to the garden shed to the teensy workshop building.

 Peering in the window of the old store. Concrete floors. Vaulted exposed beam ceiling. Cedar shingled wall. All woodwork in original condition.

 The view from the backyard looking north. (a view of the private association beach and pier). The block is the retaining wall for the backyard. (The pier once started where the tree is.)

The view from the backyard looking towards the mainhouse and guesthouse. (See center fire pit)
Heavy wooded treeline surrounds the property all the way around- except for the lake facing portion.

Main house on right. Notice the proximity the lake.

Here is its proximity to us:

And- the website with  more info on the area, the history, the real estate, local stats and the Wandawega Country Club.

the listing says contact 'connie'  262-215-7644 - poggconnie9@gmail.com 

*while we dont claim to know every person reading this blog, we know one thing for sure: we are blessed to have somehow attracted like-minded creative types who have great taste, imagination, and love for historic properties like this one.  and we somehow know that by sharing this news in this way-- this retreat will find its way into the hands someone who will love it with all of their hearts, as much as we do camp. david and i both confessed that if we didnt make Camp W our home 10 years ago, this property would be our dream home.


This is what the beach in front of the house looked like in the 20's and 30's.
(neighbors shown in the boat)

 The neighbors of the house in the 40's. The lake now has big mouth bass, pike (and yes, still blue gill as shown here)

When the Hann's rented boats (as part of their store)- they were similar to boats (wooden skiffs)

 These folks were the owners of the property in the 20's.  (this image came from a scrapbook one of the neighbors had - of the history of the home and their neighbor- the hangs.)

 We were told that the house in the back is the home for sale now (this image was from the 50's.)

Our friend peter penned some of the history down about the former grocery store- is was originally called 'ungers'- then changed to 'hanns'.

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