today: went shopping for a banjo

Never thought we’d be doing this.

But the Wandawega ‘house band’ is essentially just whoever shows up and picks up an instrument.

So far, we've got the house piano, house guitar, bongos, trumpet, sticks, cow bell, tambourine, harmonica's and a slew of random instruments that we don't even know what to call, but folks like to pick up and make music with...

So - when we got a gift certificate from our friends Kelly (of Fleur!) and Dave, 
it was the perfect opportunity to add a banjo to the collection.

They both had played up at camp a couple of times, and are a helluvalot better than we will ever hope to be.

The highlight of today’s buying trip was were it came from:
Old Town School of Folk Music.

This was David's childhood library. He hadn't set foot in the place since he was 10.

Some scenes from the excursion:
(And a little video clip of the fine young man who tuned both instruments for us before sending us on our way:)

(Thanks David and Kelly)

(We plucked her right off the wall)

(And we picked up this 'johnny cash-esque' black ukulele for charlie).
Because, well...
her accidental initials are:

(CASH as in Johnny of course)


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