This Month's Country Living: camp lovin'

thanks, CL for the great story in the June issue!

Katie - Something to be Found said...

Hellooooo there!! So last night when cleaning our bedroom I came across this copy of Country Living that had been buried under piles of clothes. I had already flipped through it once but crawled into bed and read it again anyway. My decorating style tends to be colorful cottage-y, but with Fall on the horizon I've been drawn to rustic lakehouse-y. So needless to say, when I flipped through the issue again I saw the photos of this adorable camp and just fell in love!!! I made a mental note to google the camp in the morning to see more pictures. Fast forward to this morning -- all mental notes made the night before completely forgotten! I'm organizing my pinterest boards (an excellent way to procrastinate) and click on a pin of the amazing, colrful Norquay canoe paddles. After visiting their site I saw they had a Pinterest account so I stalked all their pins, and ended up re-pinning one that they had re-pinned from a Pinterest account Called Camp Wandawega. (OMG, this is turning into the longest story ever). So, your pinterest name intrigued me and I hopped over to your pinterest account...which led me to your website (which pretty much sealed the deal on where my husband and I are going for our 10th anniversary!)...which led me to your blog... which led me to figuring out that YOU are the owner of the camp featured in the Country Living article I read last night!!!!! CA-RAY-ZY! Just wanted to share that diahrea-of-the-mouth story with you and let you know that I will be dreaming about your camp and that I'm your newest follower :)


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