I love this blog.

Our friends at mom filter did a great little post  of our favorite little local bakery-
The Elegant Farmer...

from her post:
"One of our favorite apple pies we’ve ever had was in Wisconsin, from The Elegant Farmer, who make their apple pie in a paper bag. It’s insanely good, and they ship nationwide. Our picture proves we couldn’t wait to dig into it."

another great little local secret that momfilter did a post on was Old World Wisconsin (right up the road).

from the post:

"I just came across this amazing living history museum, called Old World Wisconsin, which is now going to be on my “want to go there” list. Apparently it’s the largest living history museum in the US, but what really caught my attention, is that they have vintage base ball games. They play real games, but also act just as they would in the late 1800s. Umpires get addressed as Sir. Players are called “ballists” and fans are called “cranks”. It’s 35 miles from Milwaukee, 75 from Chicago, and not so far from Camp Wandawega, where you could stay overnight, still in the caught-in-time vibe, albeit many decades later."

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