Good Beer Hunting does good.

Mike Kiser does it all. and well.

And he has married well too :)

OUTSIDE magazine just interviewed him on - well, finding good beer!
It's called 'PLAID AND CANVAS. Hunting for the best beer in Chicago.'
(what a fantastic freaking title that is, no?)

check it out.

A teaser from the story:
"Last year, Kiser found himself at an odd point with Good Beer Hunting. I had been asking myself a difficult question for almost a year,he says. “If Good Beer Hunting were to do something in the physical world, what would that be?" The answer: summer camp for adult males. KISER AND HIS FRIEND Max Wastler of Buckshot Sonny's Sporting Goods invited about 25 of their guy friends to a spot in southern Wisconsin called “Camp Wandawega.”


Just found this post on his blog GOOD BEER HUNTING. Also, I had to share- such a lovely review on our Camp Yearbook  'Camp Style'!

(Thanks, Mike!)

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