for the rest of us, it's valentines day.

he is at home with the charliegirl- and im stuck on the other side of the world working.
because we wont get to spend the Valentines day or his birthday together- i wanted to give him a shout out post

if you see him today, please try not to make fun of him too much that his wife had to blab this all over the internet (Im sure he will be a little shy about it) but it had to be done


1. he is the best dad in the universe as we know it. (or at least the charlie, frankie and my universe).

2. resourceful. he can change your carburator, fix a flat and run a dumptruck.
(although i give him lots of grief for his ebay motors addiction, the fact that he is a country boy at heart is one of my biggest reasons to love him)

3. he is pretty smart. (and wont get a big head when someone tells him so).

4. extremely humble (see rationale for number 3). 

5. patient. nobody else in the world with put up with me. i am still amazed at his capacity for this.

6. he is as handsome today as when we met. (he will be embarrassed that i posted these photos, but what the hell- you only turn 45 once)

7. he insists on learning something from everyone- and admires those who know a trade that he doesn't. (mechanics, like my dad. builders- like my brother in laws, lineman, like my brother... anyone from the dumptruck driver to the hog factory workers fascinate him. he respects everyone and makes an attempt to learn from their individual passions and expertise, whatever they may be)

8. he is compassionate beyond words. he loves his mom. and tells her so all the time. always feeds the random stray dogs, even the scary ones who look like they want to bite your face off.

9. he is relentlessly optimistic.  

10. he is the best possible husband in the world for all of these reasons, and too many more to list.

happy birthday tater.
charlie and i are very lucky girls

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