"A few weekends ago our Creative Director Ryan Plett got a diverse group of photographers together and took them out into the woods of Wisconsin for the weekend with only their cameras, food/liquor, and the amazing resort.

The goal was to highlight a single place, seeing how each person would experience the same location while creating truly unique content. Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn Wisconsin was the location for the #StyleSeekRetreat, a private camp that has been painstakingly curated with vintage and authentic items that truly take you back in time.

The list of photographers that attended the Retreat include:

Paul Octavious
Garrett Cornelison
Yewon Kim
Grant Heinlein
Marc Moran
Duncan Wolfe
David Mongan

All of these photographers are amazingly talented in their own ways, so we thought each person would deserve their own post to highlight their images and style of shooting. Look for future posts [on StyleSeek] from each of our photographers that will show off all their collected work from the weekend.  Thanks to everyone for attending and a special thanks to the Wandawega crew for their hospitality and an amazing weekend!"

and here's the suggested shopping list of items related to the story: 

[retreat group photo by Paul Octavious // Tereasa, David and Frankie by Yewon Kim]

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