Holiday Craft Camp Recap

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we hosted a small group of women at Camp for a craft weekend. It was a chance for everyone to get away from the city for two days and two nights to make new friends, learn a few crafts, exchange holiday cookies, eat some great food and RELAX.

Emily Berman, a good friend of Camp, prepared a weekend-long menu of great cold-weather foods, while I (Hillary) planned and led all the crafts. It was a great time and we hope to get back soon for more crafty fun.

Here are some of the details and activities from the weekend...

SNOWGLOBES Using instructions from Martha Stewart, recycled food jars, glitter, and a set of obscure figurines, we made snowglobes! As became a trend with all of the crafts, the snowglobes were anything but ordinary (think ballerinas on Pandas and golfing Jesus).

HOLLY CORSAGES Again pulling from Martha's holiday archives, we put together some corsages using felt leaves, glass ornaments and various notions and trimmings. We finished them off as gifts by pinning them to stamped cardstock.

GIFT TAGS The gift tags were a bit more of an open workshop. I brought in a bunch of papers, rubber stamps, washi tape and ephemera and the girls went to town.

COCKTAIL DEMO Emily came up with the idea of serving a cranberry spiced sidecar and we got Lindsay, a former bartender, to share a bit of history on the cocktail while mixing up a batch for our guests. Yum...you can get the recipe for the cocktail and syrup over on my blog.

CAMP TOUR I've been up to camp many times but when I got Tereasa and David to giver our guests a tour, I realized how little of the camp's history I actually knew - it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

AMAZING FOOD Emily never disappoints. A humble but trained chef, Em loves simple, comforting foods and skillfully prepares them with love. We enjoyed a hearty soup, some amazing slaws and salads, classic salmon and an awesome breakfast casserole.

PARTING GIFTS Everyone got a tote bag with a guidebook (including guest bios, schedule, and craft instructions and resources, among other things), as well as name badge buttons, magnets, notecards and an ornament/gift tag.

Each guest also left with a package of homemade cookies (we all brought one kind and then we divvied them up so that everyone took home a mixed selection).

I want to thank everyone involved with this fun weekend. Tereasa and David were ever-gracious hosts. Emily's food was amazing and Craighton was a great culinary right-hand man. Michael took all of these amazing photos and Lindsay served up some awesome cocktails and helped me set-up other some of the other activities. Thanks to our other guests, too: Amanda, Amy, Audra, Lisa, Marta and Melissa.

[all images by Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting--you read more over on my blog today, or can check more images from our Holiday Craft Camp on Flickr or Storify]

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