A painted rug.

Sometimes I get fun little projects to do at work. Instead of carpeting our conference room, we painted a rug on it!

I commissioned Jeff Zimmerman to mimic a vintage rug that I found online.

Jeff projected the design onto massive sheets, pounced it out (perforating the paper) then transfered it onto the floor with chalk, traced it out, and THEN painted it (actually, I'm making this sound much easier than it was--it took a week from start to finish).

Here are some snaps:

Stay tuned for the rest of the room...coming soon.

Kim @ design + life + kids said...

This is wonderful!
I've been reusing old rugs in our dining room, but none of them really work and buying a new one is not high on my list this year. But, do I feel gutsy enough to paint on my hardwoods....

Tereasa Surratt said...

Kim, I say do it! It is fun and different. Good luck.

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