Sneak Peek of the Sterlingworth Cabin Resurrection....

remember the cabin resurrection? (video post of us moving it & almost killing ourselves here)

1800's tufted leather bench. blackforrest oak frame - craigs list $100
black bear hide rug. - flea $35
1900 leather, brass and wood trunk - $25 yardsale
1940s oak painter's easel - craigs list $60
vintage hand loomed vintage rug - yardsale $40
iron piano stool upholstered in antique tapestry -  flea $25
velvet navy pillow - IKEA $20
12 antique czech & austrian antler mount trophies - $15-30 e.
a pair of vintage snow skis - flea $25
tapestry pillow: Lands End - a gift!

so... it's getting there.
still have to get together:

- rewire light fixtures (picked up in Barcelona for $12 e)
- couch side tables (dunno what those are going to be yet)
- painters kit & side table
- hanging lamp
- replace the original striped awning
- stain and seal the door
- black vintage exterior lantern
- new shelf for flower box brackets
- tapestry interior curtains

stay tuned for more picture updates.
and for the history of this little cabin- visit the old post here

outside on its perch-

- we recycled the deck (from a local boyscout camp- it used to be a foundation for a tent cabin.)
- the steps were upcycled from a section found in the dumpster.
- we found the window at a salvage yard.
- stole the side table, chair and lantern from the lodge patio

- re-roofed her - to match the other buildings (required a tear-off)
- replaced trim and roof braces (torn off during the move)
- stripped the door (this is the original one)

...a detail of the leather tufted bench upholstery.

...a detail of the piano bench upholstered seat (looks victorian to me, a deep layered velvet)

...part of the rug that we found a the yardsale next door.

...a detail from the trunk we found for $25. (i love this style, old oilcloth covering the wood... trimmed out with brass nail heads and corners, leather straps and handles all over it...) we raised it up a few inches off the floor with castors.

...a stack of vintage american rifleman magazine (found for $5 at a flea market for a stack of 10)

... a bearhide rug draped across the back of the bench (picked up for $35 from the Walworth County Flea Market) it's backed with a thick felt zig-zagged backer.

... found at a flea: a european mount deer skull. (ie: sunbleached and unmounted)

... detail for some of the mini antler mounts I found in Austria and Prague (it is common in Europe to hand letter the date and location of the place the deer was taken down.... and mount the antlers on hand-carved black forrest oak plaques like these)

... the yard sale rug = warn + lovely.

we gutted the walls down to the studs to reveal the patina of the planks. painted the floor a high gloss black. and rewired the walls to accomodate the (on the way) vintage light fixtures.

stay tuned for full afters....

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