serious flea finds. camp + lodge.

I hit the Walworth Co. Flea Market a few weeks ago and found some fantastic finds for pennies on the dollar. You gotta love that flea.

Amazing (but dangerous) arrows with superb fire red feathers.

A gorgeous vintage backpack (Alpine style) with a beautiful patina on the leather and canvas straps--carved into the back brace 'Dillon Snell Nov. 1, 1941.' Amazing.

A new-old stock wool plaid blanket with its original labels and ads.

Large tin with hunting dog. It looks to be 1950s era. Faux wood grain? (Be still my heart!)

A few vintage aluminum flashlights--that work!

Leather-clad whiskey flask with engraved initials.

A vintage hand-painted ceramic fox.

I bought these wool knit gloves from a seriously old man who had a fantastic collection of vintage ski gear--hats, socks, sweaters...

A big, fat stack of antique American Rifleman mags (I love to leave these in guest room drawers).

Sun-bleached horned skulls (European-style).

An antique leather gun belt, chock full of antique bullets. And an awesome vintage ski sweater.

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