Luxurious Sloth Jewelry

The other day, Daily Candy Chicago featured these amazing necklaces by local designer, Julie Ghatan. Julie's ever-evolving collection of jewelry is called Luxurious Sloth and is available at her Chicago boutique, Dovetail.

These feather fringe necklaces are crafty and colorful - a little tribal. They totally feel like camp arts and crafts to me. This ring at the bottom, also from Dovetail, reminds me of scouting badges.

You can check out Luxurious Sloth at Dovetail's brick and mortar store (at 1452 W. Chicago Ave.) or you can shop their Etsy store.

P.S. If you haven't seen it, you HAVE to check out the Kristen Bell sloth video that Daily Candy is referencing in their article. Fun fact about me: Veronica Mars was one of my favorite shows ever and I love Kristen Bell.

[image credits: Dovetail / Luxurious Sloth]

Elyse said...

very cool but wonder if they tickle? thanks for sharing.

happy autumn wishes!


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