Dinner down on the farm

Nothing feels more like home than a dinner on the farm.

I've recently had good fortune of meeting the Lubbers who have a family farm outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. This 120 acres is devoted to dairy, bread making and a variety of self-sustaining produce. Most recently they've started making their own cheese, operating the small business as an internal start-up on the farm.

Sitting across from Karen and Jeff Lubber at a dinner with Brewery Vivant's brewers and chefs in the loft of their barn, it was clear that their passion for food was directly tied to the expanding American palate. That's right, farmers are foodies and beer geeks too.

This coming weekend I'll be heading out to another farm, Heritage Prairie Farms and Apiary in Elburn, Illinois hosted by Cleetus Friedman of City Provisions delicatessen and catering in Chicago. Farm to table is a compelling trend for unique food experiences, especially to us urbanites that long for the countryside. But the recent flip of taking the table to the farm is even more inspiring and edifying.

images from Good Beer Hunting

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