ANTHOLOGY loves camping...

 so i was googling last night and stumbled across our maple syrup on...
(to my surprise) ANTHOLOGY magazine's blog! along with a lovely little feature on our camp store.
Anthology magazine is so insanely beautiful, i nearly died when i saw the post :)
here are some gorgeous shots they featured on their blog to accompany other stories, and the full copy post from the story on wandawega camp store
Apropos of my post last week on camping, I feel that even those of us who don’t leap at the chance to head out into the wilderness can still appreciate and enjoy all of the awesome gear. After all, a Pendleton blanket and a cup of coffee in a pretty speckled blue enamel cup would be every bit as wonderful in your own home as it is in the middle of the woods. There are so many great designs associated with summer camp, and no shop proves this better than the Wandawega camp store.
Wandawega is a lake resort that has been newly restored and redesigned by owners David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt. Almost all of the furnishings at the stylish camp came from local thrift stores and estate sales, and all of the interiors share that perfect balance of crisp modern simplicity and rustic vintage charm. Their new shop carries a great selection of vintage camp objects including games, books, kits, tools—they even sell a brass bugle for recreating those dreaded morning wake-up calls. My days of summer camp may be over, but I’m excited to pick up a few goods to bring a taste of camp life into my own home. To see the full selection of the goods available, visit the Wandawega Camp Store here.

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