DETROIT top 10....

we road- tripped it to Detroit a few weeks ago. and took the advice of our friend Megan (of designtripper fame) for what to see, where to go, where to stay. she was the right person to ask. here are the top 10:

1. HONOR & FOLLY- best inn in detroit!

2. ASTRO COFFEE- most adorable java house in town.

3. SUGARHOUSE- right next door to Honor & Folly & Astro! amazing mixed cocktails. beautiful interior.

4. SLOWS BBQ. michelin star. beautiful space. a long wait and worth every minute.

 5. SIGNAL RETURN. insane group of folks making gorgeous letterpress. great gallery.

6. SUPINO PIZZERIA. some inspiring hipsters open a must- see boutique pizzeria right off the market.

7. CHEECH'S CHICKEN. in the Eastern market. like going back in time. amazingness.

 (... and Ronnie's quality meats, right next door at the eastern market)

 8. BELLE ISLE. beautiful. timeless. untouched by time.  a gorgeous drive on an island.

9. THE HEIDELBERG PROJECT. one crazy artist dude. 26 years and going strong. a row of abandoned houses.

 10. CAFE D'MANDOS SPEAKEASY. best bust-out bar. untouched. 1970s splendor, vinyl booths and all.

 and... LAFAYETTE coney island dogs. (i know its technically #11 but it cant be left off.) we got dogs there at 1am and there was a line out the door. worth the entire $2.

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