a surprise...

yesterday an elderly couple suprised us as wandawega

he said that he had vacation at wandawega lake resort with his family back in the 40s.

he had stories of having dinner at the 'gourmet' polish restaurant (now the lodge)... and how it was converted to a 'activity lodge' in the evenings.

he told us stories of how the owner would open the window in the restaurant after dinner and let in the pet racoon, who would travel from table to table begging for table scraps from the customers, and for desert would sit on the bar to receive his  night hersheys bar (which they called a 'nickel bar' at the time.)

he told us stories of how they nearest neighbor was a farmer with cows... and how the cows would occassionally break fence and wander over to the cabins, where they would rub up against the cabins to scratch their backs.

but most amazingly, he brought with him photographs take in the late 40s of he and his family, his younger sister and parents- here are a few of them:

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