Sojourn, a Store

We spent the weekend bouncing around antique and vintage shops in SW Michigan, including Three Oaks, Buchanan and Sawyer — and one store stole our hearts with it's perfectly balanced mix of smart finds and handmade designer goods: Sojourn. Located just in from the shore along Red Arrow Highway in Sawyer, Sojourn is the realized dream of Stacia Garriott Kass:
Sojourn began over ten years ago when my husband and I took a day trip from Chicago to the west coast of Michigan. We loved the roadside restaurants, the charming antique stores, and the friendly people we found in Harbor County. We soon found ourselves vacationing there as often as we could. We dreamt of one day finding a space that could be not only a home away from home for ourselves and our kids, but also a shop where we could share wonderful vintage finds, unique designer pieces and other carefully curated artifacts we loved so much. On one of our many trips years later, we were driving along Red Arrow Highway and spotted a run down building and something else...potential. 
Sojourn was born. Sojourn is a labor of love. It's a house by the beach, and the store I always wished existed. A retreat for a family and a gathering place for friends. The next time you need to get a way, make a trip to Sojourn.

We eyed up some incredible canvas lawn chairs, delicately patterned linens and rustic shop aprons from Winter Session before heading out to our friend's cottage, inspired to dream of our own getaway.

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