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fun slideshow + lovely story about WANDAWEGACAMPSTORE.COM
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When guests at Surratt’s Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin--where she and her husband host weekends for their artsy friends and rent the picturesque spot out for weddings and photo shoots--began to ask how to buy some of the vintage-chic gear that Surratt lends to campers on-site, she decided to open the new Wandawega Camp Store to fill their requests.

As explained by the camp store website, the merchandise comprises “simple tools and toys to remind us of simple times.” Wandawega’s own branded maple syrup, rope swings, canteens and, our favorite item, a brass bugle can all be had online. But if you’re road-tripping to Wisconsin or booking a stay at Wandawega (a new option this season--and take it from us, there’s no better place to hold that long-overdue family reunion), we think it’s better to pick up your memento in person.

After all, why wouldn’t you need a handmade slingshot at some point this summer?

Wandawega Camp Store, W5453 Lakeview Dr., Elkhorn, WI; wandawegacampstore.com

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