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from their editors:

I saw Wes Anderson’s impeccably set-designed Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend, so the new camp shop that just opened at Wandawega seems particularly on-time. Retro canteens, Boyscout-issue axes and antique rackets! Slingshots! Wooden arrows! Guests at Camp Wandawega ask so regularly where they can find similar camp-style goods (if you’ve seen the place, then you understand) that David and Tereasa decided to open a little shop tucked inside the lodge. The look is pure Wisconsin camp, and you can pick up many of the throwback items that make this place so special. They feature goods that have been made by old-school vendors for more than a century, as well as a limited selection of curated vintage–from stacks of old Pendletons to reed stools.

The shop even has some historic merit. “We’d been told by local old-timers that the camp (formerly knows as Wandawega Lake Resort) once had a souvenir shop onsite that sold notions and simple summer resort necessities. I love the idea of embracing the novelties of a by-gone era and giving campers that chance to try their hand at old summercamp merit badge tasks like whittling their own marshmallow sticks and making their own moccasins.”

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