Welcome to the Camp Wandawega Store- version 0.0

"A souvenir shop like we remember from our childhood - simple tools and toys to remind us of simple times.We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites for you to take home as a memento of your visit with us."

THE (soft) LAUNCH- happens tomorrow!

it’s not perfect.
(and we say with confidence that it will never be)

it smells a little like burnt hotdogs and bluegills,
smokey boyscout tents and fireworks.
(with ample balls of chipmunk fur in the corners)

it’s a marshmallow
that might be burnt (or has fallen off the stick entirely)
but it could just be the best one you ever had.
(we think a little dirt adds character)

so- we’re opening the shutters on the estore,
letting the light stream in and hoping you pay us a visit.

if you find yourself on a random tuesday craving a camp director whistle, homemade slingshot or mocassin kit- you have a place to turn to.

AND-- stay tuned for the brick-n-mortar launch of the Camp 
Souvenir shop at the Wandawega Lodge. Same camp novelties, but also an outlet for vintage summercamp gear.

51.5 old school summercamp products.

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