THE WANDAWEGA CAMP STORE features 5 product categories:

CAMP gear. everything you need to rough it.
MAKE projects boyscouts having been making for a century.
PLAY tools, games, equipment for camp recreation.
READ reprints of vintage books. favorite camp reads and of course the Wandawega books.
WEAR lodge, cabin, camp, country wearable camp style. 

we sell cane fishing poles. (the old school type that snap together in three pcs, with aluminum detail, dark stain and clear coat finish)

we have a new slingshot- this one is way more sturdy. so yes, while you can probably take out a woodchuck with one, we'd prefer they be used for good not evil. (leather pouch, wood-burned branded grip with Wandawega stamp)

birdhouse kits that you get to assemble yourself (dont let the 60+ pcs intimidate you, its the most fun you can have with a beer and bottle of wood glue.)

classic, wood-shaft arrows. cant get enough of them. (seriously-- folks shoot them into the woods and we cant restock them fast enough.) we're building a haybail wall the size of sears tower to remedy this.

bird call! this design hasnt changed in a century. its simple and perfect and exactly the same design as your grandparents used.

the "StarX" bottle cap opener. same mold, design for nearly 8 decades. a classic, indesctrictable camp staple.

 this book is insane. a bazillion how to projects from the past century of popular mechanics. it makes me want to craft all day, every day. 

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