Red Arrow Camp for Boys

After looking at pics of Campo Fiesta, one would think camp can't get any campier, but my 3 brothers all went to a camp in the late 1950s/early 1960s on the SAME LAKE called Red Arrow Camp in Woodruff, Wisconsin.  In addition to all the archery, riflery and canoeing, they made their own water skies and canoe paddles in woodworking classes. Red Arrow is still around and going strong and has been for 92 years and the original cabins, built when the camp was used for loggers, are still used!  I can't say enough about what camp does for a kid.  If you can afford to send your camper away for 7 weeks, even for one summer, do it.
From the Red Arrow site...
Over one hundred years ago Red Arrow was a logging camp so it is natural that most of our buildings are of full log construction. Our large and beautiful dining hall and a recreational building with a stage sit under a canopy of virgin Norway and white pines. Both of these buildings were part of the original logging camp back in the mid-1800s. Nearby are the twelve unique authentic log cabins which house our 100 campers. They were built in 1920 and have been excellently maintained throughout the years. All have screened windows, electric lights and good solid double bunks. There are eight boys and two counselors in each cabin. Red Arrow is located on Trout Lake, often called the crown jewel of northern Wisconsins many lakes. Twelve hundred feet of sandy shoreline make a perfect setting for all of Red Arrows many water activities.

Peter Bikulcs said...

A cool place if I my say so myself.It's a place where you can build a lot of skill if your a crafty American.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see your shout out to Red Arrow! Our girls attended nearby Camp Osoha and our son (and my husband) attended RAC.

See most recent issue of Town and Counrty - it proclaims traditional summer camps alive and well even in this day of computer "camps" , writing "camps" and soccer "camps"....yay!

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