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Prohibition-era speakeasy. Brothel. Church retreat. Summercamp.
The culmination of 10 decades of history.

A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.

SYNONYMS: keepsake - remembrance - memento - token - memory.

Camp Wandawega has a storied past serving as everything from a brothel to speakeasy, supperclub to summercamp. Each era left a bit of itself behind for us to discover and dust off. When we set out to rescue this near-abandoned hide-away, we found a treasure trove of original gear that had been left behind by former guests. We’ve spent every weekend since restoring Camp Wandawega back to its original charm. It’s become such a labor of love, we now consider ourselves as the caretakers, instead of owners.

Welcome to the Wandawega Camp Store, a souvenier shop like we remembered as kids- simple tools and toys to remind us of summercamp. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites for you to take home as a reminder of your visit with us.
Art Wall Katie said...

What a great, great shop and such a well-designed website. I love it, and I have to say it will be great for father's day.

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