I Am Camp

I went to an all-girls camp called, believe it or not, Campo Fiesta.  All the counselors had "Spanish" names like Patita, Paco and...Nacho....sadtrombone.com

There are 200+ of us on Facebook who post pictures on the Campo Fiesta page all the time.

Please enjoy.

Camp girls in the 1950s.  Did they really do their hair at camp?  Come on, ladies.  It's camp.


Canoeing and skiing with now-deemed-unsafe flotation "belts."
Campo Fiesta in the 60s looks a little more funky.  Diggin' those shades.

The author around 1977 (second row from top on the left).  This was not my best look, but check out the  Kodak Instamatics!  Many a camp letter home included a request for more "flashcubes."

We campers now know that this "Unique Evening Club" was where the counselors, most of whom were college students,  went on their nights off to get juiced.  Keep in mind the drinking age in Wisconsin was only 18 back in the day. 

Camp specific stationery in case your parents forgot where you were.  A letter from yours truly.

The lake shot kills me.

Speaking of shots, should riflery be featured next to Christmas?  Wait...CHRISTMAS?

An example of one of the many awards you could earn at camp.  This also came with a pin. 

Good MORNING campers ZIP ZIP ZIP!!!  Let us sing a song to start the daaaaaaay!  Our camp songbook's index.

I love the assumption that everyone has a cigar box lying around.
Paul "Pablo" Frisbie bought Campo Fiesta in the 1960s and ran it until it closed in the 90s.  He died last year and his wife died just a few months after him.  He was the first person to give me the nickname "Foxy" when I was 8. Here is a great little article about how he came to buy a camp.

This was found in Pablo's files recently.  It makes my heart ache for camp.

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