obsessed with trailers...

this is my dream trailer:

habersdash did an amazing post on some of the best mobile shops:
here are some of her picks:

and... here she is. (hottie!) 

in her own words:

"My obsession with fashion started at an early age, bringing with it my now-infamous nickname — Punky.
I created PunkyStyle.com in February of 2006, and my love for rummaging through estate sales, thrift stores, and yard sales lead to the February, 2009 opening of The Haberdash, America’s first mobile vintage shop. That same year I also had the pleasure of co-founding The Swapaholics an event company responsible for bringing sustainable style and a fun sense of reusing to fashion lovers everywhere. In my spare time (wink wink), I moonlight as the Fashion Director at Swap.com."

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