earth movers and teepees...

or in our case, one indian teepee erector, 
one bobcat operator,
and one very patient husband.

step 1: pick the spot (hilltop perch, with a very steep incline)
step 2: level the playing field (eerr- hillside.) best left to the pros. in this case, Jim from Prairie Tree
step 3: flatten, pack the soil, layer it with river rock. spread some seed to grow some plants to hold the earth in place.
step 4: call in the teepee king (we found him on craiglist along with the teepee) he brings with him all SIX kids- and he + david assemble this thing in the rain. no joke.
( note his outfit: he made it entirely himself. from killing the deer and dressing its deerhide to leather. to weaving the waist sash ). a-mazing.

teepee one: up and ready.
no. 2: on the way- stay tuned.

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