Camp Wandawega on the TODAY'S SHOW and... a love letter.

a really nice little story.
(thanks, Today's Show!)
with one correction:
 we dont rent the treehouse at the moment. sorry.
that said- ya'll can come hang out in it as much as you want when you're renting a cabin onsite, though.

here's the link to the segment.

and- most importantly- a shout-out to the folks who's treehouse it REALLY is.
(the ones that made it happen.)

shaun owens agase of stone blitzer.
tyler peterson of stone blitzer
bladon conner of bladdon conner!
steven teichelman of this is threefold
angela finney hoffman of post27store
AND- a ton of other folks who donated their time & talents.
so many to list that I cant but you know who you are.
these folks worked tirelessly.
with no payment. AT ALL.

i need to say this again:
these incredibly talented people did this just because...
and they love their craft.
we love you guys.

Toms treehouse is my dads and yours.

Your generosity in sharing it with us,
and allowing it to be shared with everyone else- is humbling.
I cant begin to tell you how much the kids who come for mass in the grass love it.
it brings endless joy to so many kids (of all ages) - you cant even imagine.

there are no words to express our gratitude to you guys
ok. im going to stop crying now. really. :)

Tereasa + David

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