why Buckshot Sonny's rocks.


1. all the products are custom made in the US... old school hunting gear. 
2. one of the founders is also the writer behind ALL PLAID OUT (love IT)
3. they are about to be famous. check out their 'how to make it' show MADE RIGHT HERE
4. MAX got mad, mad style 
5. He names Buckshot Sonny's after his grandfathers.  (sweet.)

The most beautifully curated, simple on line store. Great products, but even better stories.
and Im addicted to his blog

"Taking the nicknames of Max’s father and Joe’s grandfather, Joe Gannon and Max Wastler built Buckshot Sonny's in tribute to the sporting goods stores of old.
It’s the kind of place their grandfathers might have taken their fathers. Hoping to dust off some of the classics, Joe and Max hope to shine a light on the quality goods lining shelves of the sporting goods stores dotting the Main Streets of yesteryear.

They've stocked up on new and old, vintage and deadstock quality products and some semi-perishable items (No worms. Not yet, anyways) they've uncovered in their travels around the United States.
Celebrate with Joe and Max as they launch Buckshot Sonny's at NorthernGrade 2011"

and-- our new friend MAX!

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