STYLE FOR MILES: eric ellis.

Meet Eric. he is my coworker. he has mad style.

(... sort of Chasing IVY meets Royal Tannenbaums meets Madmen meets JCrew-esque.)

ive decided to do a drive by every day for the next 5 days to make him stand still for 2 seconds so i can shoot + post him.

likely annoying for him, but it would be selfish to not share his wardrobe with others, yes?

he's our very own MR.PORTER here @ Ogilvy.
oh, and hes not just a fashion plate of inspiration for everyone, hes also a pretty talented designer.
check it:



Shirt - J.Crew Vintage Oxford, Slim Fit
Pants - J.Crew Stanton Pant, Classic Fit
Cardigan - J.Crew
Tie - Vintage Salvatore Morziello Serafini Italian Silk Tie (Found at Wabash Antique Depot, Decatur IL., $1)
Watch - 1980's Swatch (ebay, $10)
Shoes - Allen Edmonds Hayden (Similar in style to the ubiquitous Desert Boot, with the addition of hand stitching around toe and a sturdier sole)
Jacket (not shown) - Penguin


Shirt: Club Monaco Slim Fit Oxford
Tie: Top Man

Pants: J.Crew Urban Slim Chino
Shoes: 1950s Winthrop Cap-Toe Bluchers (ebay, $30)
Jacket: Vintage Italian tailored Harris Tweed (found @ Low in Charlottesville, VA $40)



Shirt: J.Crew Short Sleeve oxford
Pants: (same as prior day)
Socks: Fox River Mills work sock
Shoes: Sperry Topsider Boat Oxford
Tie: Vintage Silk (found @ Wabash Depot, Decatur, IL, $1)
Tie bar: Vintage Swanke (lifted from Morgan's father)
Jacket: Universal Works
Watch: WWII Swiss CYMA Manual watch (Graduation gift from Morgan)


Pants: Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch wool herringbone (ebay, $80, tailored @ Golden Needle)
Shoes: Sprerry Topsider Boat Oxford
Shirt: Brooks Bros. Extra Slim Fit Oxford

Tie: Hill-Side
Jacket: Penguin
Pocket Square: Hill-Side

Watch: 1980s Swatch (ebay)
Gloves: Orvis
Scarf: Carmichael Tartan (my fiance's family Tartan, from a gift store in Scotland I believe)


 Jacket: 1960's Gant Tweed (part of a 3-piece suit, found on ebay)
Tie: Vintage
Pants: Lands End Canvas donegal tweed
Shirt: J.Crew Slim Fit oxford
Socks: Smart Wool Hiking Socks
Shoes: Allen Edmonds cap toe oxfords

thanks, eric!

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