holy christmas--- look what we FOUND!!!!!!!

for YEARS we have been looking for antique photographs of Wandawega Lake Resort. 
ran ads in papers.
posted flyers.
handed out postcards asking for leads.
interviewed old folks.
researched historical societies.
old newspapers.

and then one day (5 minutes ago)
one drops in our laps.
ala ebay.

if anybody reading this ever sees vintage anything with the name 'wandawega'
i will give you a finger. 
or at least case of beer if you prefer.


this photo shows the old hotel, back when we had a beach.
and a boardwalk (yay!)
based on the size of the cedars, this shot has to be at least 80 years old.
the only other thing that has changed is that it still had a chimney (the cardroom still has the old 
I cant wait to get it in the mail to read the backside (it was an old postcard, so it may lend some clues as to the date, who the guest was, etc.)

the is the best christmas present :)

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