david did, that is.
how often does your husband pick out a pair of shoes for you that you like?

there is a lady we know in elkhorn that always seems to find the most unusual stuff.

based on the heel nails, the leather, and the markings-
we are guessing they date back to somewhere between the late 1800's up to the possibly the teens.

victorian women had at least two pair of shoes- their dress heels (remember the high-ankle, button up, tight- fitting black leather - pointy -toed  shoes that the wicked witch of the west wore?)

a daily pair of boots, also- lace- up high angle, and heeled (not nearly as much was paved back then).

they also had unusually small feet, (based on today's hoof size).
(ever notice that all the vintage shoes in store are rarely larger than a size 6?)

these are a typical daily work boot. the kind you would see paired with a long white linen ankle length dress.
the patina is what kills me. like the perfect LV antique suitcase. even the strings are original.

and the best thing is... THEY FIT!

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