the folks at THE HAPPY LAB reached out last week.
to do a house tour... the 10 things that make me happy (about our  home)
we're doing one for wandawega & chicago...
its going to be hard to narrow it down.
many blessings to count, we are greatful.

check it out: a daily infusion of happy. who doesnt need that?

here are some of my fav features from their site:

I’m a mom, wife and writer/editor living under the influence of 5-year-old twins in Los Angeles. I’ve long been fascinated by the burgeoning field of happy science, but how much of it can actually make a difference in the crazy work/kid/life trenches that we call our lives? I founded the Happy Lab in 2010 as a way of test-driving happy research under my own roof—to see what actually works, and what doesn’t. As a happy guinea pig, I’ve explored parenting classes, dietary advice, decorating ideas, strategies to communicate better with my husband and kids, to sleep better, to keep the TV off longer, stay outside more often, maybe even meditate? (Urg!) Can your home become your own personal serotonin factory? I’m dedicating myself to the experiment. I’m the home design editor for Modern Luxury Media and a frequent contributor to the LA Times Home section. For the past decade, I’ve written about design, food and style for House Beautiful, Sunset, Travel & Leisure, Town & Country, Wallpaper and others. I’ve always cherished the notion of a clean, secure, and beautiful home where we can all be as happy as possible. I’m hoping the Happy Lab will help all of us get a little closer to our own visions of a happy home. LMK your thoughts!  alex@thehappylab.com. 

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